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Recruitment , talent sourcing & placement

We provide specialist services in the recruitment of safety professionals. We will conduct the necessary search and profile the talent you are looking for. With many years of experience in the health and safety professional environment, we are able to do the research and analysis services that are customized to meet your specific needs.


Our flexibility enables us to handle a wide variety of projects, from those that need thinking on your feet, to others that are more complex, take just a few hours to complete to others, more complex in nature, that involves in-depth research that may last several weeks or longer.

Every member of our team is a seasoned professional with expertise in a variety of fields and methodologies I sourcing the right talent, which includes; but not limited to :


We provide a range of coaching services for “up and coming “ safety professionals on a variety of issues using our own unique methodologies that will see them soar as professionals

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Health and Safety Services

We can assist you in meeting a particular short term Health and Safety (E) goals or provide a longer term solution to your HSE obligations and requirements.

Our HSE consultancy services are totally flexible – available as ad hoc or on a ‘Pay as you go’ basis. You tell us when and how you require our input and we will deliver.

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Leadership Development Course

Global Safety Resources (GSR) can review and advise upon health and safety management processes for organisations of all sizes. We help give directors and senior managers vital pro works to help you create and implement your health & safety management process and plans:

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Auditing Services

A fully independent process, a third party audit is a key step in helping businesses achieve certification, registration, accreditation, citation or another industry standard or award.

Our services include:

Compliance Audits

Chain of resposibility

Privacy compliace audits

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Customized Training Courses Available

Safety Leadership. Known knows and unknown Knowns

Customized Training for boards members and Non Executive directors (1day)

Coaching for health and safety professionals

Supervisor – understanding your role in health and safety ( 2 days);

Mindful and Mindless Safety for managers ( 2 days )

Help- My Safety programme is a disaster (2 days )

Getting through and follow through HSE audits (1-2days)

Leadership vs Management is driving health and safety( 2 days)

Basic Health and safety , for SMME and start ups (3days)

Human Factors Training

Health and Safety Management Systems (3 days)

Health and Safety Representative Training (2 days )

Disaster and Emergency Management ( 2 days)

Compensation injuries and Diseases Act (2 days)

Invest in becoming a better safety Leader (2days )

Employee participation and Engagement

Introduction to the ISO 45001 standard

Prevention Though Design (2days)

Wharehouse health and safety( 2 days )

Truck driver Safety , managing health and safety (Occupational Driving) (2days)

Safety Ethics & code for conduct for professionals (1 day)

School Safety programme (3 days )

I am a safety Professional. What now ? (2 days)

Safety Across cultures 1(day)

Lone worker safety 1( -2days) 

Managing Ergonomics in the ISO 45001 standard (2 days )

Campus Safety (2days) 

Managing Multi-Employers/ contractors on site(2days)

Training Emergency Response employees of their health and safety at work (2 days)

Assessing Contractors
and Subcontractors

As a client, you cannot simply delegate responsibility to a contractor. You need to satisfy yourself that they are competent regarding health and safety.

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We probe databases, open and invisible web resources, social media, publications, and more. We also conduct interviews with experts, customers and others who can provide valuable insight.

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Management Processes For Organizations Of All Sizes

 We help give directors and senior managers vital pro works to help you create and implement your health & safety management process and plans:

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About Dr.Skeepers

A Company Director and C suite Executive professional with significant experience over 20 years plus years in strategic leadership roles within highly regarded governance, risk and safety service organisations.

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