Health & Safety Auditing Services

Workplace ACCESS Assessments for Disabled Persons

We provide workplace health and safety services, to promote a safer and healthier environment for all employees. facilities and services open or provided to the public.

Access Inspections, Auditing and Monitoring


Policy and Guidlines: Includes the development and execution of policies and guidlines which affect employees, stakeholders, clients, (using the building or facility) the execution therof and monitoring and implementation.

How information in communicated: Includes languages, display of text, Braille, tactile communication, large print, accessible multimedia as well as written, audio, plain-language, human-reader and augmentative and alternative modes, means and formats of communication, including accessible information and communication technology.

Language Use: includes spoken and signed languages and other forms of non-spoken languages.

Reasonable accomodation: Appropriate modification and adjustment to ensure to persons with disabilities the enjoyment or exercise on an equal basis with others of all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Universal designs and signage: Design of products, environments, programmes and services to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible.

Health and Safety Audits: in the workplace the employer has to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all its employees, including disabled persons.


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